How to Unlock a Neff Induction Hob

How to unlock a Neff hob

So, you are cleaning your induction hob when you hear the dreaded bleep and suddenly, you can’t use your hob! The instruction manual is never to hand when you need it either.

Not to worry, we have put together several reasons why your induction hob locking mechanism has activated and how to unlock with ease. 

Why has my induction hob locked?

The childproof locking system is a prevention measure to avoid children turning on the hob. This function automatically activates when switching off the hob.

The lock control panel for cleaning is a wipe protection function. If you wipe over the control panel whilst the hob is in use, the setting may be altered. It is advisable to use this function whilst wiping your hob to avoid any harm whilst cleaning.

Another reason your hob may be locked is due to the automatic safety cut-out function. If the hot plate operates for an extended period and no settings are altered, this will activate and shut off your hob. By touching any symbol the display switches off. The hotplate can now be used again.

How do I turn the lock off on my Neff hob?

The childproof lock is a full locking function for the hob, this prevents the hob from being switched on. 

The control panel locking function is only for wiping the hob, this will only switch the hob off temporarily whilst cleaning. This can be activated by touching the hand symbol on the control panel. You will hear an audible signal which indicates the hob is locked for 35 seconds. 

To release the function early, press the hand symbol or wait for the timer to elapse after 35 seconds. The hob can be switched off at any time whilst the cleaning function is in operation, this does not lock the main switch. 

How to deactivate the childproof lock on a Neff hob

  • Touch the key symbol for approximately 4 seconds
  • The Neff hob is now unlocked 

How to turn off the cleaning lock on a Neff hob

To deactivate the lock control panel cleaning function:

  • The control panel will automatically unlock once the 35 seconds have elapsed.
  • After 30 seconds, an audible signal will sound, this indicates that the function is about the finish.
  • Press the hand symbol to release the function early .

How to activate the childproof lock on a Neff hob

To Activate: 

  • Touch the Key symbol 🔑 for approximately 4 seconds.
  • The key indicator will light up for approximately 10 seconds.
  • The Neff hob is now locked.

Neff hob basic settings




Childproof Lock






Function deactivated 

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