Ruark Audio

Ruark Audio - All about the brand

From the south-east coast of England, this family run business has gone from strength to strength since 1985 when Ruark Acoustics were founded.

Ruark set out from day one to produce not only great well-working products but also products which looked amazing and were very stylish. 

A lot of Ruarks inspiration to make these wonderful and innovative designs came from their surroundings, things like the shape of the most popular car, the design of the latest gadget or even the texture of a knitted jumper are all things that were the inspiration for certain products. 

Ruark has realised that in this modern era every aspect of the house has to be stylish and every item within the house has to earn its place.

It is this realisation that kick started their new modern, sleek and neat designs. 

Is Ruark Audio a good brand?

The overall quality of Ruark products, their longevity, quality of sound and value for money, makes their brand. Their loyalty and dedication shows their willingness not only in finding iconic pieces but also to produce great quality electronics. 

What products do Ruark Audio make?

Ruark creates a multitude of different speakers along with accessories to match them. Their DAB radios have been described as ‘the Aston Martin’s of DAB radios’.

The first product produced by Ruark was the Sabre speakers. This was a bookshelf-type, two-way speaker which went on to win awards and put Ruark into the spotlight. 

Who is Ruark Audio owned by?

In 1985 the business was founded by Brian O’Rourke and his son Alan O’Rourke. Throughout the early years of the business the main person at the top was Brian. When he retired at the age of 70 his son, Alan, took over and is still in charge today.