5 Best Pop up Sockets for Kitchen Worktops

Pop Up Sockets are a great addition to any kitchen. They make charging devices and using appliances easy and safe by having all ports confined into one central hub. 

We run through our top 5 choices for pop up kitchen worktop sockets and help you to narrow down your options and purchase the best socket for your requirements.

11/27/2023 02:16 pm GMT

VORSPRUNG Retractable Pop-Up Power Socket

#1 Best choice – Rating 9.8

VORSPRUNG Retractable Pop-Up Power Sockets With Wireless Charging For Kitchen Worktops – UK Standard Plugs – USB Ports – Wireless Charging Pad Included

One Year Guarantee – It’s always nice to see companies having faith in their product’s durability, but at Vorsprung, they also have faith in their customers as if you don’t like the product, you will receive a replacement socket or a full refund!

Wireless Charging Pad – Multitasking is this product’s middle name, providing a multiplug socket whilst charging your phone wirelessly! Just imagine you’re baking a cake, you have the whisk plugged in and the recipe on your phone that is almost dead, instead of tangling yourself in wires just place it on top of the power socket, whether it’s hidden away or if it’s up.

The Perfect Tool For the Job – Research and development have been a large investment for Vorsprung when creating this retractable pop-up socket. In doing so, they have been able to produce something that is elegant in design but also gives you max output with a minimal consumption.

Cost Effective – With their great design, the cost of bills to your household will retract just like our pop up socket with its ability to minimise its consumption from the main power source.

VORSPRUNG Automatic White Retractable Pop Up Power Socket

#2 Most stylish – Rating 9.6

VORSPRUNG® Automatic White Retractable Pop Up Power Sockets With Wireless Charging For All Worktops and Offices – 4x UK Standard Plugs – 2x USB Ports – Wireless Charging Pad.

Cost effective – Vorsprung pop up socket consumes minimal power compared to conventional sockets. All your devices will be charged at the same time whilst maintaining the same power usage.

One years Guarantee – Vorsprung are very proud of their product and offer a one years warranty. Also, if you are not 100% satisfied with your pop up socket, they will replace or refund.

Automatic Retractable Socket – Through applying a small amount of pressure onto the wireless charging pad, it will begin to retract using the inbuilt hydraulics returning back to its sleek and stylish hidden ways.

Wireless Charging Pad – This limitless charging system provides second to none effortlessly charge to any device which is fitted with Qi-enable.

Hannelore Pop up Socket 

#3 Best value – Rating 8.

Hannelore Automatic Pop Up Sockets with 15W Wireless Charging for Kitchen Worktops, Hidden Socket Tower Desk Power Socket With USB C, 4 Way Outlets, 2 USB Ports (15.5W/3.1A), 4.7”/120MM Hole, 13A/3250W

Easy To Install and Use – Choose a place to install, then cut out a 120mm hole into the countertop, desk or wherever you’d like it to be. 

Remove the ring and then insert the main body into the already made hole from the top down and then screw the ring from the bottom. Now it’s installed, all that’s left is to enjoy clutter free spaces!

Multiple Charging Ports – As a bonus to you, not only do you get plug sockets included, you also get 2 smart charging technology USB ports, a USB-C and a USB-A. Each port delivers 15.5 W of power. 

With smart charging, there is no need to fret as once your device is connected with the wire, the tower will auto-detect your device and provide the safest and fastest method of charging. 

Wireless Glass Charging Surface – With this easy to use charging pad, you can charge up your phone, as long as it supports Qi standard, effortlessly!

Modern Materials – The entire shell of the socket is built with ABS material, meaning it is highly robust and, as a way to make you less worried, it is also anti-fire material. We want it to light up your home but only metaphorically, not physically!

SR Sewingvr Slow Wireless Charge Pop Up Socket

#4 – Rating 8.1

Multi Plug Extension Sockets 4 Outlets 2 USB, Automatic Pop Up Power Sockets with Wireless Charging – Worktop Hidden Socket 1RJ45 Port, 1 HDMI Port – 3250W/13A

Automatic Retractable Socket – The overall aesthetics of this product are outstanding – coming in either black or white, it allows for perfect positioning in any part of your home. 

The socket being retractable means that it only needs to be out when you need it!

9 in 1 Desktop socket tower – Along with 4 AC outlets, also attached to the tower are 2 USB ports, 1 HDMI port and a RJ45 port. 

The top of the tower is designed to wirelessly charge your phone too! The HDMI port can withstand 2K and also 4K output!

Wireless Charging Pad – Simply place your phone on top of the tower, whether it is retracted or not, and as long as the tower is connected to power, your phone will be charged with ease. A 5W power supply takes slightly longer to charge.

Easy Installation – Once ordered and delivered, simply install into an already cut 120mm hole, remove the ring and slide it in, then tightly screw the ring onto the bottom of the tower.

Leyton POW-3SS ‘Powerport’ Pop-Up Socket

#5 Cheapest – Rating 7.5

Leyton POW-3SS ‘Powerport’ Pop-Up Socket and USB Charger, Includes 3 x UK Plug Sockets and 2 x USB sockets – New Stainless Steel Metal Top

Neat and Modern Design – Stainless steel metal top which is modern and new. The pop-up and retractable feature is smooth and sleek. 

A Multitude of Sockets – With the usage of 3 plug sockets to power a multitude of gadgets, you also get 2 USB sockets to enable you to charge your phone. 

Easy Installation – All installation instructions are provided within the product once received. 

Efficient power consumption – Giving you maximum power output whilst simultaneously consuming the mains power at an efficient rate.

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