The Best Sage Coffee Machines

Sage coffee machines are a much loved kitchen appliance for many households up and down the country. They are designed for the user, no matter if you’re new to making coffee or you’ve been doing it for years. 

Sage creates coffee machines for everyone, from quality espresso machines to machines integrated with Nespresso technology.

About Sage coffee machines

Sage coffee machines have been growing in popularity over the years, thanks to the range of different machines they create and the affordable price points. 

They are leading the way in domestic coffee machines, up there with the big brand names like DeLonghi and Nespresso. Sage machines are designed for the at home barista, recognising that everyone enjoys their coffee slightly differently. 

Are Sage and Breville coffee machines the same?

Technically Sage and Breville are the same, with both of them being part of the Australian-based Breville Group Limited. 

However, Sage is the brand name for the UK and European markets, whereas Breville is used for the rest of the world. You can still get Breville in the UK, but these are different products. 

What is the difference between Sage Barista Pro and Touch?

The Barista Touch is an upgraded machine, with a touch display and an automatic steam wand, whereas the Barista pro features a simpler LCD display and manual steam wand. 

The biggest difference between the two Sage machines is the display screens, with the Barista Pro having a basic blue backlit screen with buttons, while the Barista Touch has a colour touch screen. 

The Barista Touch has more drink options than the Barista Pro, with customisable settings for lattes, flat whites and more. It also features 5 pre-programmed drinks and a hot water tap for making teas. The barista Pro doesn’t come with the option, as it is more of a classic semi-automatic machine where you steam the milk by hand. 

Which type of Sage coffee machine do I need?

The type of Sage coffee machine you need will depend on your own skill level and needs. 

If you aren’t bothered about the process of making the coffee, and simply want a beautiful tasting coffee without putting in the work, your best option may be a fully automatic coffee machine. 

However, if you love learning new skills and enjoy the coffee making process, Sage offers a range of manual espresso machines to choose from. 

Are Sage coffee machines easy to operate?

Yes, most Sage coffee machines are extremely easy to use thanks to simple touch of a button technology, allowing you to easily create barista standard coffee at home

Sage does sell a range of their own manual espresso machines, which may take some practice, but they are still designed to be incredibly user friendly no matter what your skill level is. 

Do Sage coffee machines grind coffee beans?

Sage offers a series of espresso machines that feature an integrated coffee grinder, which can be extracted and tamped straight away. 

The machines allow you to quickly grind the beans in a matter of minutes, allowing you to enjoy the freshness of freshly ground beans whenever you want. 

Can you use ground coffee in Sage coffee machines?

Yes, many of Sage’s coffee machines can use ground coffee, even if it has a coffee grinder

All you need to do is fill your portafilter baskets with the ground coffee, tamp and use as normal to get a great tasting coffee. 

However, you should be cautious what grind size you’re using as this will affect the quality and taste of your coffee. 

The best Sage coffee machines

The Sage Barista Express is the first machine of its kind, with an integrated grinder featuring 18 grind settings and dosage control, delivering the right amount of grinds directly into the portafilter. 

A common issue with this machine is that there is a shot pull time of anywhere between 15-30 seconds. However, if you’re not too picky about this, then you should be fine with this machine.

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The Sage Oracle semi-automatic coffee machine is ideal for the at home coffee drinkers who aren’t fussed about learning how to use a manual espresso machine, and instead simply want a great quality coffee. 

This coffee machine automates the process of coffee making, and features the Sage Dual Boiler as its core with automated dosing, tamping and milk texturing to negate the need for a barista skill set.

Best budget doesn't matter machine
Sage the Oracle Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine
£1,799.95 £1,359.00

perfect for at home coffee drinkers who aren’t fussed about learning the ins and outs of manual espresso machines

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Sage’s Bambino espresso machine is just as powerful as some of the more expensive machines, with a three second warm up time, automatic and manual milk frothing and low pressure infusion, ensuring all the flavours are drawn out evenly during extraction. 

While Sage’s Bambino range does hold its own against some of the more expensive machines, it doesn’t feature the same bells and whistles that you may be looking for, such as bean grinders and automatic tamping.

Sage - The Bambino
£329.95 £299.00

Compact Coffee Machine with Automatic Milk Frother, Brushed Stainless Steel

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The Sage Barista Touch Espresso Machine delivers Sage’s third wave technology at home using key formulas to create barista standard coffee. 

With a single touch, the integrated dosing system delivers the right amount of coffee on demand for the perfect brew, and the innovative ThermoJet heating system achieves the optimum extraction temperature in just three seconds.

Sage the Barista Touch Machine

Great Bean to Cup Coffee Machine with Milk Frother

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The Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine by Sage allows you to create personalised tasting coffee at home with the use of Nespresso coffee pods. This machine provides all the convenience of a Nespresso portioned coffee machine, with Sage’s advanced microfoam milk technology. 

A common issue found with this machine is that the pods used must be Nespresso, which can be found online or in the supermarket. Alternatively, Nespresso sells refillable pods which you can fill with your own ground coffee.

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